Beer and wine will give you the same hangover, new study finds

Wine first or beer, drinks cost you dear

‘Beer before wine, always fine?’ Not really, hungover study participants say

Beer before wine? You won't feel fine.

Ninety participants aged 19-40 y (mean age 23.9), 50% female, were included (study group 1 n = 31, study group 2 n = 31, controls n = 28). Vodka, for instance, was found to be the alcohol least likely to give you a hangover in an earlier study. Two, controls could not be found who were willing to participate in a study on drinking alcohol by abstaining.

The results, published Thursday in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, show no difference in the intensity of the hangover brought on by drinking wine first followed by beer or the other way around.

The scientists asked the participants to self-report on their level of drunkenness using a scale from 0 to 10 at the end of each drinking session.

The drinkers were split into three groups. The second group consumed the same amount of alcohol, but in reverse order (wine followed by beer).

One week later, participants in groups one and two were switched to the opposite drinking order to add an extra layer of reliability to the findings.

Washington D.C, February 8: European researchers have now said that try as you may to change up the order of your alcoholic beverages, if you indulge too much in drinks, you will still be hung-over. They were then kept under medical supervision overnight.

This way, the groups were not only compared with each other, but each participant was their own control too. The next day, participants were asked about their hangover symptoms; and they were given a score based on the number and severity of those symptoms, such as thirst, fatigue, headache, dizziness, nausea, stomach ache, increased heart rate and loss of appetite.

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British and German researchers sought out to test the old theory.

The researchers found that none of the three groups had a significantly different hangover score with different orders of alcoholic drinks, but women did tend to have slightly worse hangovers than men.

And as cruel as they may seem, hangovers serve an important objective, according to the study's authors.

Experts say the best way to avoid a brutal hangover is to drink in moderation. The only reliable way of predicting how miserable you'll feel the next day is by how drunk you feel and whether you are sick.

Many folks have long said the order in which different types of drinks are consumed will affect one's hangover - in England, for example, there's the saying, "Grape or grain, but never the twain".

"One should be mindful of the important benefits of a symptomatic hangover-a protective warning sign that will certainly have aided humans over the ages to modify future behavior". "We should all pay attention to these red flags when drinking".

"In other words, they can help us learn from our mistakes".

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