US Military Option in Venezuela Risks Long Unpopular War

Aerial view of the Tienditas Bridge in the border between Cucuta Colombia and Tachira Venezuela after Venezuelan military forces blocked it with containers

The Tienditas Bridge was blocked by the Venezuelan military

President Nicolas Maduro has said Venezuela isn't a nation of "beggars" and won't accept the USA humanitarian assistance.

He accused the Trump administration of trying to violate national sovereignty by co-ordinating the shipment of hundreds of tonnes of medicines, medical equipment and nutritional supplements.

"Liberate the money that has been blocked and sequestered", said Maduro, who has repeatedly accused the U.S. of fomenting a coup.

A day after the United States aid convoy arrived in the border city of Cucuta, Maduro ridiculed the Americans for offering small amounts of assistance while maintaining sanctions that block some $10 billion of offshore assets and revenue. On Friday, Romania's president became the latest world leader to recognize Guaido as interim president nearly a week after other European Union countries did so.

"It depends on what they're offering", Farnsworth said. In that sense, the governor stressed that Washington seeks justifications for the military intervention and thus seize Venezuela, its oil and mining resources. Simultaneously, President Donald Trump's administration has been urging Venezuelan officers to defect and support the opposition's claim to power.

Toledo also said that more points of aid were going to be established in countries neighbouring Venezuela soon, to speed up aid delivery into the country.

The United States has recognised Juan Guaido, the head of the opposition-led National Assembly, as the interim president of the economically troubled nation. Maduro has consistently denied that a humanitarian crisis is happening in the country, blaming food and medicine shortages on the U.S. sanctions, which have mostly targeted individuals and the state-owned oil company.

To be effective, this aid must be allowed to enter Venezuela to reach those in need.

American-made weapons transferred to al-Qaeda, Iran-linked fighters in Yemen
The US State Department, meanwhile, said it was investigating the allegations. Addressing those potential war crimes, committee chair Rep.

The world watches now whether Maduro's government will let the first shipments from United States cross its borders.

The U.S. has revoked visas for members of Venezuela's Constituent Assembly amid an ongoing push to ramp up pressure on Caracas, the special envoy for Venezuela said Thursday.

Scores of European Union nations this week followed the USA and other Western countries in recognising opposition leader Juan Guaido as Venezuela's legitimate "interim" leader, further jeopardising Mr Maduro's shaky hold on power.

Guaido, who has appealed to the military to back him, said the armed forces "have a dilemma: either they side with the people in need or with the dictatorship".

He insisted that Venezuela is not facing a crisis, though during the news conference, the power went out twice.

Guaido recently downplayed the need for USA intervention in Venezuela during an interview with VOA in which he said, "We will as a sovereign Venezuelan people do what is necessary to achieve stability in our country".

In a statement, it called them "sycophants" and accused them of submitting to a U.S. "strategy to overthrow the legitimate government". It arrived at the Colombian border city of Cucuta, where volunteers are bagging them in preparation for attempts to bring them across the border. "There is no plan B. The only plan is the definite change in Venezuela", he said. "Humanitarian aid does not substitute for the economy of a country".

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