Amazon's HQ2 NYC: Amazon reconsiders headquarters after local opposition, report says

Amazon rethinks plan for New York HQ amid fierce opposition, report says

Amazon reportedly reconsidering New York location amid growing resistance movement

It is unclear if Amazon truly is considering pulling its HQ2 project out of New York City - as was reported Friday morning by the Washington Post - but this much is clear: Officials from New Jersey have been courting the company for some time, selling Newark as a viable and cost-effective alternative.

It noted that the company's plan to build its HQ2 campus in Long Island City (located across the river from Manhattan in Queens) had faced opposition from local activists and politicians. Gianaris was recently nominated to a state board that has the power to veto the deal (though he has not yet been confirmed by staunch Amazon supporter Governor Cuomo).

Fast Company spoke to one of the leaders of the opposition, State Senator Michael Gianaris, earlier this week, about how he is waging a war against what he calls Amazon's "propaganda" in his constituents' mailboxes. One point of contention could be Amazon's opposition to labor unions. Despite emphatic support from New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and Mayor Bill de Blasio, other local Democrats haven't been as welcoming.

It's likely the change of heart has to do with the intense backlash against the idea from New York City residents.

Amazon can see its grasp on $2.808 billion in subsidies slipping away. He notes Google is coming to the city without a massive incentive package.

Though, protests have been a near constant over the four months since Amazon announced its move to Queens. But the only South Side site to which the Amazon team returned for multiple site visits was the South Loop mega-site known as "the 78".

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Amazon has vowed to work with local officials to bring its campus to NY.

Stuart Appelbaum, President of the Retail, Wholesale and Department Store Union, said if the Amazon deal falls apart they will have nobody to blame but themselves. "A major problem is the way the deal was put together shrouded in secrecy and ignoring what New Yorkers want and need", he said in a statement.

When the details of the behind-closed-doors agreement the NY government made with Amazon were made public in November, as Common Dreams reported, critics immediately decried the deal as "corporate bribery" that would harm public housing projects and contribute to soaring inequality while handing the tech behemoth billions in taxpayer incentives.

Basically, the whole thing could be summed up as "nice Amazon deal, New York".

And while city lawmakers have spoken out against the deal, Mayor de Blasio doesn't believe they are completely opposed to the possibility of thousands of new jobs in the area. Multiple parties reached out to Amazon to make sure that they know Chicago would still want them.

The Washington Post, which is also owned by Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos, reported the Seattle-based tech giant is reconsidering the plan and has not leased or purchased any office space for the project.

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