Microsoft Now Allows Skype Users to Blur the Background on Video Calls

Skype background blur made possible with AI

Skype can now blur your background, so no one can tell your life is a shambles

The objective of background blur is to help your correspondents focus on you during video calls, and to block any potential distractions coming from your environment.

The background blurring feature has already been rolled out to Microsoft's corporate communication client, Teams, and now it's in the consumer-oriented app. With that big video-conference call fast approaching, and all those reports your manager made you pull together at the last freaking minute, it's totally understandable that you forgot all about that huge bong sitting on the shelf right behind you. Microsoft has added a new feature to its chat service that might mitigate situations like those, and others: A background blur that relies on artificial intelligence to focus on the caller, to the exclusion of what's around them. If you've got a kitchen mess going on and you have to talk to your mom, the new blur functions will at least obscure the fine details of the disaster zone around you.

Microsoft itself points out that it means you won't have to wipe your whiteboard if its got sensitive information on it when you're about to speak to a potential investor. Background blur is available on desktops and laptops running the latest version of Skype, but the feature is still somewhat experimental. This feature will enable you to blur the background while on video calls to protect you from embarrassing moments.

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The new feature utilizes AI that has reportedly been trained to detect the human form and keep it in focus, with special attention paid to features that typically shift such as hair, hands and arms.

Microsoft says it does its best to blur your surroundings but can not guarantee that everything will always be blurred.

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