LG G8 ThinQ camera tech revealed: set to rival the iPhone XS

LG G8 ThinQ

The LG G8 ThinQ’s time-of-flight sensor

Credit: LGThe LG G8 ThinQ will make its debut at a press event on February 24 in Barcelona, the day before the Mobile World Congress trade show officially gets underway in that city, LG said.

LG just confirmed its new flagship, the G8 ThinQ. For adding depth to the selfie shots, smartphone OEMs make use of software-based complex algorithms to calculate the distance between the subject in a selfie image and the camera sensor.

Time of Flight technology is something that we are seeing more and more in smartphones.

Compared to structured lighting system for 3D facial recognition on Apple iPhones, a ToF sensor is cheaper and easier to manufacture. Apple's iPhone X pioneered the 3D front-facing camera for the company's Face ID technology, and while it works quite well in most scenarios, bright sunlight can easily confuse it. In a statement LG detailed a new Infineon chip, and the possible benefits it could bring to new LG devices.

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LG have been innovative with their camera setup since they were the first to introduce a wide-angled rear facing secondary camera on the G6. It also captures 3D imagery (or sees in 3D), so light isn't as much of a factor when used for things like biometric purposes (face scanning).

The takeaway here is that this REAL3 image sensor provides a "secure verification system without sacrificing camera capabilities". The ToF camrea can see objects in 3D because of which it is not affected by light emitted by external sources.

The time-of-flight sensor headed to the LG G8 is likely to accompany a main selfie cam on the front of the phone.

In addition to unlocking the device, this tech will also reportedly be used for AR and VR applications.

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