Huawei says it is open to digital 'supervision'

Company logo at the office of Huawei in Beijing. Thomas Peter Reuters  File

Company logo at the office of Huawei in Beijing. Thomas Peter Reuters File

Chinese technology giant Huawei has said security issues raised in a government report could take between three and five years to resolve.

The move, reported Thursday by Politico, would see the us doing what it's been pressuring its allies to do: shut Huawei, the world's biggest telecoms equipment manufacturer, out of new networks that will support the upcoming "fifth generation" (5G) of mobile connectivity. The two Chinese mobile giants have been accused by the U.S. government of posing national security risks.

In a letter to Norman Lamb MP, chairman of the House of Commons Science and Technology Committee, the firm pledged to spend £1.5 billion over five years to address security issues flagged last year. Enhancing our software engineering capabilities is like replacing components on a high-speed train in motion, ' Huawei's carrier business group president, Ryan Ding, said in the letter.

Huawei, the global networks market leader with annual sales exceeding $100 billion, faces worldwide scrutiny over its ties with the Chinese government and suspicion Beijing could use its technology for spying.

The German government wants to avoid excluding products offered by China's Huawei Technologies from the build-out of the next generation 5G network in Germany, business daily Handelsblatt reported on Thursday, citing government sources.

'Huawei has never and will never use UK-based hardware, software or information gathered in the United Kingdom or anywhere else globally, to assist other countries in gathering intelligence.

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The company also denied claims it could be compelled to assist Chinese national intelligence work using information gathered from the UK. This has raised fears that Chinese-made equipment could present a security risk particularly if used in the construction of new 5G networks.

The French Senate rejected on Wednesday proposed legislation aimed at toughening checks on telecoms equipment, following a US warning about Chinese telecoms giant Huawei. "Were Huawei ever to engage in malicious behaviour, it would not go unnoticed - and it would certainly destroy our business".

British authorities have not found any evidence of spying using Huawei equipment.

U.S. justice officials last month unveiled sweeping charges against Huawei, including against a top executive whose arrest in Canada on a USA warrant ratcheted up tensions between the two superpowers.

Pressure has been growing on Huawei in Britain, one of its most important markets in Europe, since a government report in July a year ago found that technical and supply-chain issues with the company's equipment had exposed national telecom networks to new security risks.

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