Amazon's Jeff Bezos Claims He's Being Extorted by National Enquirer

Images of Jessica Sanchez and Jeff Bezos were threatened to be released by AMI Bezos alleged

Images of Jessica Sanchez and Jeff Bezos were threatened to be released by AMI Bezos alleged

Following news of the Amazon CEO's relationship with Lauren Sanchez, and rumors of infidelity, Bezos is speaking out about allegedly being extorted and blackmailed by the National Enquirer and its owner American Media Inc.

The National Enquirer published a story last month that included lurid texts between Bezos and Sanchez. The billionaire did not say the tabloid was seeking money - instead, he said, the Enquirer wanted him to make a public statement that the tabloid's coverage was not politically motivated.

Early in the blog post, Mr Bezos mentions AMI's links to President Donald Trump.

AMI, the owner of the National Enquirer, is led by David Pecker. The company then intentionally suppressed the story until after the 2016 election.

Bezos has publicly criticized the Trump administration on numerous occasions, as has the Washington Post.

In the Medium post, Bezos references Pecker's relationship with Trump.

The Amazon founder himself wrote that AMI approached him with a letter that contained a description of the photos that were in the text messages between him and Sanchez.

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Bezos wrote that this week, the tabloid's editor, Dylan Howard, emailed an attorney for Bezos' longtime security consultant to describe photos the Enquirer "obtained during our newsgathering".

Among them, he claims: a bathroom selfie in which he's "wearing nothing but a white towel", "a full-length body selfie of Mr. Bezos wearing just a pair of tight black boxer-briefs or trunks", and a photo of Sanchez "smoking a cigar", possibly in a suggestive way.

Bezos, the richest man in the world, accused the outlet's published David Pecker of using the company and the tabloid for political reasons, and said "federal investigators and legitimate media" had proved so.

"Of course I don't want personal photos published, but I also won't participate in their well-known practice of blackmail, political favours, political attacks and corruption", Mr Bezos wrote of AMI, explaining why he had made a decision to speak out.

AMI has not yet responded to the BBC's request for comment.

Bezos and his wife announced last month that they were divorcing after 25 years of marriage, following a period of "loving exploration" and trial separation. Reporters for the Enquirer followed Bezos and Sanchez "across five states" and 60,000 kilometres and "tailed them in private jets, swanky limos, helicopter rides, romantic hikes, five-star hotel hideaways, intimate dinner dates and "quality time" in hidden love nests", the tabloid said in its story. The story carries the bylines of Howard and two reporters.

The blog post came on the same day that Gavin de Becker, Bezos' security adviser, told The Washington Post that he is investigating how text messages between Bezos and former TV anchor and now-paramour Sanchez were obtained and reported by the National Enquirer. His private investigators have concluded that Bezos' phone wasn't hacked. "In a tweet, he said de Becker "spreads fake, unhinged conservative conspiracy theories" and "'dog whistle' smears". Michael Sanchez is a pro-Trump Hollywood manager. The company has been cooperating with investigators in the Southern District of NY ever since it admitted to making a $150,000 "catch-and-kill" payment to rid of a story about an alleged affair Trump had with former Playboy model Karen McDougal.

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