MALWARE ALERT: 29 Apps Just Got Pulled From Google's Play Store

The achievements will keep you motivated to continue

The achievements will keep you motivated to continue

Fake beauty editing photo apps on Google Play Store: These 29 apps were downloaded by millions of users.

The first app, called Live Transcribe, uses cloud-based automatic speech recognition to display spoken words on a phone screen. "Through his work, Dimitri - who has been deaf since early childhood - has helped shape the accessibility technologies he relies on".

Now talking about the applications, the Live Transcribe app will be taking the real-world speech and turns it into real-time captions with the help of the microphone of the phone.

Live Transcribe is available in over 70 languages and dialects.

Aimed at users are deaf to allow them to participate in conversations more readily.

Further, the search giant partnered with Gallaudet University, a university for deaf and hard of hearing people, to help design Live Transcribe and ensure it meets the needs of their community.

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The other free Android app is Sound Amplifier, which Google featured at a previous "I/O" conference.

Three of the malicious apps, Pro Beauty Camera, Cartoon Art Photo, and Emoji Camera, had well over a million downloads. However, Live Transcribe is now being rolled out only to limited beta users, and Sound Amplifier can only be used on devices that have Android Pie or later software installed.

You will need to plug wired headphones or wired earphones into your smartphone to use the app, which works by digitally increasing the volume of quiet sounds, while "not over-boosting loud sounds". Live Transcribe will gradually roll out in a limited test to users worldwide.

Google yanked some 29 photo apps from the Play Store this week after they were discovered to have malicious code that pushes full-screen ads, steals information from users by tricking them into believing they have won a contest, and in some cases even lifted photos from devices to send to the malware designers behind the apps, Engadget reported this weekend. If you're interested in signing up for the beta, you can do so over on the official Android website. It also comes preinstalled on Pixel 3 devices and can be accessed in the Accessibility menu in Settings.

Sound Amplifier, initially revealed at the Google I/O developer conference a year ago, is not only helpful to the hard-of-hearing but also people who are having trouble hearing in noisy places like in a loud bar.

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