Marshmello Fortnite Event - Watch the Marshmellow event AGAIN, here

A DJ Is Doing A Live Set Inside 'Fortnite' This Weekend, Which Is Peak 2019

"Fortnite" Marshmello Items Now Available In Light Of Saturday's In-Game Concert

That's all there is as far as teases go, but Epic Games tends to go pretty big and wild for its special in-game events so it does look like we'll be seeing Marshmello doing something special in Fortnite come the weekend. So Marshmello's Saturday show is just the latest point on a convergent path of art, games, music, and animation that started a couple decades ago. Construction work on the stage began earlier in the week, as players discovered when they ventured into the Pleasant Park section of the game's map and visited the football field found there. Previous data mining from patch v7.20 uncovered a secret Marshmello music video, which will presumably debut with his concert.

Individuals interested into checking out the encore performance of the in-game event that blew away the video game world on February 2nd will be able to do so at 11 PM PST on Saturday, February 2nd and at 1 AM CST/ 2 AM EST on Sunday, February 3rd. Additional items could be unlocked through a challenge quest. While not officially revealed, the site says it will enable respawns, "suggesting players will be able to fight each other during the concert". Although, it could be argued that the victory had more to do with his teammate, Ninja, who happens to be one of the game's best players.

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The in-game set even appeared on Marshmello's tour schedule (via Kotaku), and the DJ also announced the news on Twitter ahead of the concert. The Marshmellow event, however, is the first "live" concert to be featured in the game.

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