Bud Light Super Bowl Ad Delivers Epic Surprise

Game of Thrones Press Site pic Daenerys Dragon

Game of Thrones steals throne from beer commercial at Super Bowl

They then travel across the lands to the castles of Miller Lite and Coors Light to deliver them the corn syrup - because those brands use that ingredient in their brewing process.

The ad features the fictional Bud Knight in a jost for the kingdom, but as he boldly gallops toward his opponent, he is shockingly defeated. What first appeared to be just another medieval-themed Bud Light commercial took a dark, and hilarious, turn.

Corn farmers clapped back at Bud Light following a commercial in which the beer boasted about not using corn syrup.

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Bud Light debuts a surprise Game of Thrones crossover commercial during Super Bowl 2019, and it is brutal. We would love to discuss with you the many benefits of corn!

MillerCoors tweeted an image comparing Bud Light with Miller Lite on calories and carbohydrates, followed minutes later by a tweet from Adam Collins, vice president of communications and community affairs.

As of halftime, Bud Light had yet to respond to being called out by National Corn. It claimed that many Anheuser-Busch products do.

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