Food for thought: Doubt cast on importance of breakfast

Most Important Meal? Review Questions Whether Breakfast Is Really Good for Weight Loss

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But researchers in Australia have found that eating breakfast does not appear to help people lose weight and should not necessarily be recommended as a weight-loss strategy.

Researchers found there is no good evidence to support the idea that eating breakfast promotes weight loss - or that skipping breakfast leads to weight gain.

Is breakfast really the most important meal of the day?

Still, at the very least, the results suggest that caution is needed when recommending breakfast for people trying to lose weight, "as it could have the opposite effect", the researchers said.

A new analysis by Monash University in Melbourne looked at data from 13 randomized, controlled trials across the United Kingdom and U.S. over the last 28 years. Those who ate breakfast also ate more calories per day - about 260 more on average.

Its reputation as the nutritional backstop to our day stems from observational studies showing a positive link between people eating breakfast and having a healthy weight. Some of the studies focused on the effect of breakfast consumption on weight change, while others focused on participants' total daily calorie intake.

The analysis looked at relatively low-quality studies and dieters should keep that in mind.

They found that breakfast eaters consumed more calories overall and breakfast skippers did not have a greater appetite in the afternoon.

According to du Plessis, it's not how or when you eat, but what you eat that's important.

Previous research has shown weight loss benefits of sticking to a morning meal.

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Eating breakfast has always been upheld as a weight loss strategy - but the latest research suggests you may be better off without it.

Hunnes noted that the review found only a 1-lb.difference between breakfast eaters and breakfast skippers, and the studies included in the review were conducted for relatively short periods. The results suggested those who skipped the meal did not compensate by eating more later in the day.

But study co-author Professor Flavia Cicuttini, of Monash University, said: 'Currently, the available evidence does not support modifying diets in adults to include the consumption of breakfast as a good strategy to lose weight'. Therefore, it also means that anyone Who wants to lose weight, is to fill the stomach in the morning.

The study was published Wednesday in the medical journal "The BMJ".

"But plan what you have as it's far better to take breakfast with you than to grab a chocolate muffin and a latte from the nearest coffee shop when you get hungry later". "Regularly eat Breakfast may have a positive effects".

"If you do enjoy breakfast, don't stop, but take a look at what you are having".

Bacon and eggs? Cereal and yogurt?

It's common for people on such protocols to break their fasts at lunchtime, regularly skipping breakfast and finishing their day's feeding with dinner at about 8pm. But food can also be a joy, and denying ourselves meals can quickly descend into disordered eating and a negative relationship with food.

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