Lehigh Valley winter weather advisory: 3-6 inches of snow Tuesday

A beacon off of Chicago’s lake front is frozen over as temperatures drop below 0 Friday Jan. 25 2018 in Chicago. | Tyler LaRiviere  Sun-Times

A beacon off of Chicago’s lake front is frozen over as temperatures drop below 0 Friday Jan. 25 2018 in Chicago. | Tyler LaRiviere Sun-Times

Hundreds of flights were canceled at two airports in Chicago, a major regional hub and America's third city, in neighboring IL.

The forecast this week includes most nights with temperatures falling below -30 C, wind chill values in the -40s and even -50s, and daytime highs near -30 C. All Georgia state offices will be closed Tuesday and several precautionary measures are taking effect. Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer is encouraging motorists to stay off the roads.

The all-time record low for Normal was 24 below zero, recorded February 13, 1905. Palatine, a suburban Chicago, saw 5.2 inches this morning as the storm created hard travel conditions or drivers and fliers. Most of the area sees just snow, but our far southeastern counties will likely see a mix transition into rain.

The potentially record-breaking low temperature forecast in Milwaukee is negative 28 degrees, with a wind chill as low as negative 50. Approximately one quarter of the country will wake up to sub-zero temperatures, and Wednesday might bring about literally the coldest day on record in Chicago, with a projected "high" of 14 below zero.

On Sunday, International Falls, Minnesota tumbled to -46°F (-43°C), the fifth lowest temperature it has ever recorded. Temperatures at night are expected to be about 25 below with wind chills of 48 below in McHenry County, she said.

Heavy snow and gusting winds have created blizzard-like conditions across the Upper Midwest, prompting officials to close hundreds of schools, courthouses and businesses, and ground air travel.

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In Wisconsin, plow drivers were having a hard time keeping up with the snow in Sheboygan.

Forecasters say arctic cold will follow the snow. Total snow by this evening should range from nine to 13 inches for most of SE Wisconsin.

There will be lows of under 30F in North Dakota, eastern South Dakota and Minnesota.

Snow starts light and spotty Tuesday morning and fills-in throughout the day.

The cold is said to be "life-threatening" and frostbite can set in on exposed skin in as little as five minutes. In Wisconsin, Gov. Tony Evers declared a state of emergency and told the National Guard to prepare to help communities "across the state and keep people warm and safe".

On Monday morning, the National Weather Service upgraded that advisory to a Winter Storm Warning for higher elevations in southwest North Carolina.

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