Samsung ditches plastic packaging for more sustainable materials

Samsung Electronics vows to use more environmentally sustainable packaging, including bioplastics and paper

Samsung phone chargers to lose their glossy exterior finish

Samsung will replace the plastic trays for mobile phones with pulp molds, and bags wrapping accessories with eco-friendly materials.

Samsung Electronics will stop using plastic packaging for its products and accessories as part of its sustainability policy.

Samsung's goal is to replace much of what would now be made with plastic with paper and other environmentally sustainable materials. Instead of plastic, Samsung will start using paper and and other environmentally sustainable elements.

In instances where plastic is necessary, the company will use a substitute. Samsung is also changing the design of its USB phone chargers: the current glossy plastic finish will be switched for a matter finish instead.

Samsung says it has established a task force dedicated to ideating and executing on its goals for greater sustainability. The plastic protection films on chargers are going to be dropped as well.

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Samsung has just announced that they will be utilising more environmentally sustainable materials in a bid to minimise waste generated from their packaging.

Regarding paper, Samsung will only use fiber materials certified by global environmental organizations like the Forest Stewardship Council, Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification Scheme and the Sustainable Forestry Initiative for packaging and manuals by 2020.

The head of Samsung's Global Customer Satisfaction Center, Gyeong-bin Jeon, said the company is working to minimise waste, while it acknowledges "society's environmental issues such as resource depletion and plastic wastes". By 2030 Samsung hopes to have used 500 thousand tons of recycled plastics and collect 7.5 million tons of discarded products.

Appliances like TVs, fridges, washing machines, and other kitchen products will no longer come in standard plastic bags, but bags made of recycled plastic and bioplastics, which are made from biomass materials like vegetable fats, corn starch, or sugar cane. They also added that Samsung will adopt more environmentally sustainable materials even if it means an increase in cost.

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