Kingdom Hearts 3 Epilogue Comes Out After Launch, Requires Download

Kingdom Hearts 3 secret ending

Kingdom Hearts 3 Epilogue Can't Be Watched Without an Internet Connection

The first, scheduled for release alongside the game on January 29, will be the typical bug fixes along with a "Memory Archive" story recap.

Kingdom Hearts 3 is a hotly anticipated title; fans of the series have been waiting for an officially numbered sequel since the PS2-era. Go behind sora and his friends as they attempt to stop Heartless, an evil force, as they hold over the universe. Odd when you consider that an epilogue is meant to bring closure to a game's ending.

Key story points will be added a few days after the release of Kingdom Hearts 3. Players have to finish the game to see it. The update will add an Epilogue video.

In all probability, you won't have finished the game by then anyway, and in the off-chance that you do manage to get to the end, "the main game allows players to proceed to and view the ending without the need for an internet connection", according to Square Enix.

Weeks ahead of the title's launch, Square Enix has detailed its post-launch plans for Kingdom Hearts III. Just like the Epilogue, only players who have completed Kingdom Hearts III will receive access to the secret video.

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January 30: Epilogue video for Kingdom Hearts 3 will be released.

Thursday, January 31: secret video.

None of the additional post-launch content is required to be able to play through the game, and you'll be able to play through Kingdom Hearts III in its entirety on launch day without connecting to the Internet if you choose.

Square Enix is also releasing the same three content items for the global version of the game, but on a different time schedule.

After learning that the full Kingdom Hearts 3 ending will be unavailable at launch, what are your thoughts? Players will need to have completed Kingdom Hearts III and seen the ending to view this video. Are you happy that gamers will be unable to spoil everything the day of release?

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