Eyeing 2020, Harris addresses prosecutorial past in memoir

Sen. Kamala Harris D-California in Hart Senate Office Building

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The intent is to draw a contrast with Donald Trump by presenting her credentials as a tough, fact-based prosecutor against a factually challenged president who has been under a legal cloud for much of his presidency.

Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) is confident that the American people are ready for a woman of color to hold the highest office in the country.

While Harris has not confirmed plans to run, she is widely considered to be a potential 2020 candidate, along with Sen. "We have to call it what it is, and again, the American public deserves better".

During the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation's Annual Legislative Conference in September, Harris said that America faced a "critical time" under Trump's presidency and that the American dream sought by King was still deferred.

"I'm not saying that about myself, but I am saying that about the capacity of the American public, Harris said". This week's soft launch enables her to reveal - on her own terms and at length - more about her backstory as the child of immigrants who were civil rights activists. Harris said she "begged" and "pleaded" on a late Friday afternoon for a judge to hear the case so the woman could avoid spending the weekend in jail.

"Well, we should always honor the great Martin Luther King", Harris responded.

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Ms. Harris is the first Indian-origin US Senator.

After Washington, Harris' book tour will take her to the Kaufmann Concert Hall in NY on Friday, then San Francisco before two stops in Los Angeles concluding January 13.

The former California attorney general also expressed regret that she was not informed by her staff that her former top aide in that previous office was accused of gender harassment, a lawsuit that the attorney general'soffice settled for almost $400,000 after she had moved on to the US Senate. Former US President Barack Obama described her as trailblazer.

A wall along the US-Mexico border was one of Mr. Trump's signature campaign promises. Democrats are refusing to allocate the money, arguing that a wall would be costly and ineffective.

"Any good parenting would tell you that you don't listen to those kinds of tantrums, and you don't reward that behaviour", she said. I also do believe that in the passion, what we also do have to check, as a separate matter, is that there are also very ... powerful voices in our country that are sowing hate and division among us.

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