Geralt of Rivia Arrives in Monster Hunter World This February

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The Witcher 3's Geralt Coming To Monster Hunter World On PS4 And Xbox One Next Month

Capcom has delved deep into its number bag, tossing out release dates for a selection of upcoming Monster Hunter World events, including its Witcher crossover collaboration, and its Appreciation Fest first birthday celebrations.

As of February 8, Monster Hunter: World will receive a free title update that brings the iconic hero of The Witcher series into the game. Expect plenty of Geralt's iconic magic "signs" to make an appearance in combat, new Witcher themed quests, as well as Geralt's monster-slaying silver sword creating a new unique experience in Monster Hunter: World. Among other things, Geralt's original voice actor has been enlisted to provide new voice over work.

The Appreciation Fest dates, unlike most events in Monster Hunter World, apply to all three versions; PC, PS4, and Xbox One. We couldn't have done it, of course, without the close collaboration of CD Projekt Red. Here's what we know about this new event. According to the official website, nearly all previously released event quests will be made available, along with some special new quests. They haven't announced yet when, but it's coming our way nonetheless. "Its story is also set to follow the events of the main game, and will be about the size of a previous "G" or Ultimate" Monster Hunter entry, meaning it should have enough new content to nearly be a new game in and of itself.

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The latest update may be the biggest one yet, as the monster slayer Geralt of Rivia from the hit RPG series, The Witcher, makes his way into the New World.

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