Foo Fighters singer Dave Grohl chugs beer, falls off stage during concert

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Dave Grohl falls off stage after chugging beer

The band played their first gig of the new year on Wednesday evening, putting on a show at The Joint at Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas as part of CES 2019. A fan handed him a Bud Light, and he attempted to prop it up on an amp and drink it hands-free while still jamming.

The Foo Fighters deliver fantastic performances when they perform live - getting fully into it, mixing it up with great cover songs and giving 110 percent on stage.

Although the beer-chugging incident happened without any real injury, diehard fans know to keep a close eye on Grohl when it comes to stage falls.

However, a red-faced Grohl was helped back up and continued with the show. During the show, Dave Grohl totally ate shit.

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Grohl is no stranger to falling off stage though and in 2015, he fell off a 12-foot high stage while performing in Sweden and broke his leg.

"An hour before the gig, I have a Coors Light", he said.

"I imagined there would be a solid year of no music but I didn't realise how bad I'd damaged my leg until I was with a physiotherapist three months after I had surgery".

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