Samsung Bixby 2.0 will bring back support for Google apps

Samsung Bixby 2.0 will bring back support for Google apps

Google Assistant on Track to Soon Hit a Billion Devices Milestone

Google this week debuted a slew of new capabilities for its artificial intelligence software, Google Assistant, at CES in Las Vegas.

The Consumer Electronics Show has only just begun and still has a long way to go before it is curtains on January 11 and one can not wait to see Google's pending announcements in the next few days of the show. With Google Assistant, you can ask Google to perform HumX actions, like locate a vehicle, access trip history, set a speed alert, and get a vehicle's fuel status. No word yet on when it will be arriving on specific models. Just say "Hey Google, be my French interpreter" to start Interpreter Mode and get real-time spoken and (on Smart Displays) written translation to aid the conversation.

The company is embarking on a bold plan to bring Google Assistant to millions of iPhones.

The Lenovo Smart Clock has a four-inch touchscreen and users can see alarm suggestions based on your daily routines and control other smart home devices, Google said. What digital assistant you prefer the most and why? Google notes that the Connect platform expands on the existing smart home platform to add more device types.

Additionally, Anker and JBL are building vehicle accessories with Google Assistant support.

Fiat Chrysler to settle U.S. diesel emissions cases for $1.1 billion
The specific vehicles to be recalled include diesel-powered Ram 1500 and Jeep Grand Cherokee from the 2014-2016 model years. The state said Fiat Chrysler sold 100,000 of those vehicles nationwide and 13,325 in California.

Virtual assistants - mainly Alexa and Google Assistant - are omnipresent at this year's CES, being built into smart TVs, cars, pianos, garden parasols and a toilet.

At this year's CES 2019, one of Google's big reveals had to do with Google Assistant being on 1 billion devices. Additionally, Google Assistant will also alert if your flight is ready for Web check-in. The company announced its Lenovo Smart Clock Tuesday, a small device created to replace your digital alarm clock with a tiny four-inch touchscreen that gets to know you and your daily routines. Google's marketing blitz went far and wide.

This year, Amazon Echo's market share will drop to 63.3 percent while Google Home will take 31 percent, eMarketer predicted.

With rivals also aiming for the voice-powered AI to play a big role, Google expects that the Assistant will be the victor in this AI race as the company has made a big bet on it.

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