Man caught on camera licking doorbell for hours at California home

33-year-old Roberto Daniel Arroyo is caught on security footage licking a family's doorbell for three hours early Saturday morning

Tongue Ring? US Man Caught Licking Strangers’ Doorbell for Three Hours Eyewitness News You Tube screenshot

"I thought, 'Boy! There's a lot of traffic, '" Sylvia Dungan said.

- A Ring doorbell camera captured a Salinas man on the front porch of a home, licking the homeowner's doorbell.

That's 180 minutes of straight licking. The family notified police when they found the video on their home security system.

The police have been searching for the man, identified as Roberto Daniel Arroyo, who made a visit to the Dungans' home last Saturday morning. I go, 5 in the morning?

They said their children were inside the house at the time, asleep. "Well, then who the heck is that?'" Sylvia Dungan said.

As well as licking the doorbell, he was also filmed relieving himself and moving an extension cord around the garden.

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A California man is facing charges after he was caught doing something freaky at a home in Salinas early Saturday morning.

Dungan told KION that she can "kind of laugh about it afterwards because technically he didn't do anything".

Authorities say the footage has helped them identify the man, but he is not in custody.

Dungan said there was no physical damage to her home, but her family spent the rest of the weekend sanitizing their doorbells, according to the station.

"The charges he faces are prowling, theft and violation of probation", Salinas Police Department spokesperson Miguel Cabrera told Newsweek.

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