Exxon, IBM to work on quantum computing in energy, manufacturing

IBM's Q System One is the world's first commercial quantum computer

IBM launches world's first commercial quantum computer

The famous computer manufacturer company has unveiled what it is calling the World's first Quantum Computing machine that could be used by businesses. "IBM also led the industry in the number of AI, cloud computing, security and quantum computing-related patent grants, with more than 4,000 patents", it said.

The new IBM Q System One platform is its first integrated universal quantum computing platform and its "most advanced ever", meaning the technology is finally able to break free from the laboratory to help a wider range of organisations than ever before.

We reached out to IBM with a host of questions regarding the Q System - like whether IBM intends to make more than one of these systems, and what the pricing structure will be for commercial use - and Dr. Developed in partnership with United Kingdom industrial and interior design studios Map Project Office and Universal Design Studio, the IBM System Q One sits in a glass-enclosed, air-tight environment.

The hardware is contained in a specially designed 9x9 foot glass case built by Goppion, a world-renowned maker of museum glass display cases that is best known for protecting the Mona Lisa in the Louvre.

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Besides, the company received more than 2,000 cloud computing patents, 1400 of them cyber security domain. Resetting a quantum computer after an upset caused by a power surge or a disgruntled look from a technician is much, much quicker with a device like the Q System One. The 20-Quibit system by IBM, which is seen as one of the leaders in the field of quantum computing, could one day solve complex problems. "The IBM Q System One gets us closer to practical applications in chemistry and the development of new medicines, and new materials", wrote Sutor. On that note, IBM has announced the first step where it is planning to open first IBM Q Quantum Computation Center for commercial clients in Poughkeepsie, New York, later this year.

Welser also said that Quantum Computing will start seeing a real-world impact in the next few years as scientists learn how to add and control qubits. Nevertheless, there is a plan to offer partners to the IBM Q Network programme cloud-based access to its quantum computing operations. Notably, Google back in 2017 was said to have given early access to its quantum machines to science labs and artificial intelligence researchers. Is quantum computing no longer just a concept or theory? There is also a series of independent aluminium and steel frames to help avoid any potential vibration interference that could result in "phase jitter" and qubit decoherence.

This integrated system aims to address one of the most challenging aspects of quantum computing: continuously maintaining the quality of qubits used to perform quantum computations. Developers have also downloaded Qiskit, a full-stack, open-source quantum software development kit, more than 140,000 times to create and run quantum computing programs.

ExxonMobil will become the first energy company to join the IBM Q Network.

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