Bus driver rescues young child

Video shows bus driver rescuing baby wandering alone near road

Wisconsin bus driver rescues lost infant from freeway overpass: 'Oh my god, I'm shaking'

Irena Ivic-Drobnjak is being praised for her immediate action which may have saved the child's life. She runs up to him, he stretches out his arms and she takes him into hers and darts back to the bus.

In the annotated video from the Milwaukee County Transit System uploaded to YouTube, viewers see Ivic-Drobnjak cradle the child as a young female passenger offers her coat and the two bundle the baby up.

She runs across the street and picks up the crying boy, who was making his way around a corner, bringing him on board her bus. Surveillance camera footage from inside the bus shows a concerned passenger waiting by the door when Ivic returned with the boy in her arms. It's unclear how long he had been alone outside. Authorities said the child was cold and frightened, but otherwise OK.

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Ivic is being honored for her act of kindness with an MCTS Excellence award.

Firefighters, police officers and transit security officers arrived at the scene soon thereafter.

The parents were eventually reunited with the child and no charges have been filed. The baby was left outside by his mother, who may have been suffering from a mental health crisis, according to MCTS. Thanks to her quick thinking and warm heart, he was kept out of harm's way.

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