Macron's Popularity Edges Up Even as Protesters Persist

The Gilet Jaunes Protesters run on the banks could collapse French banking system

Ex-boxing champ surrenders after punching French police

The poll comes to light amid tensions over the so-called yellow vest movement, which has been protesting for eight consecutive Saturdays across the country calling for greater fiscal and social justice.

"Everyone must assume their responsibilities: this kitty is shameful", he added.

On Monday, the boxer's relatives launched a fund raising operation in Leetchi, an online fundraising platform and a unit of insurer of Credit Mutuel Arkea bank, to help pay legal bills.

"We need to preserve the right to demonstrate in France and we must sanction those, who break the law", Mr Philippe said.

According to BFMTV news channel, the fund had been raised to about 120,000 euros (137,339 dollars) earlier on Tuesday.

French President Emmanuel Macron's government has scrambled to reorganise its planned national debate on the Yellow Vest crisis following the surprise resignation of the lead co-ordinator Chantal Jouanno.

The government appears politically weakened by the yellow vest movement but can still pass new bills at parliament, where Macron's centrist party holds a strong majority.

Mr Dettinger, 37, later said he had "reacted wrongly" in anger after he, his wife and a friend were tear-gassed.

Ex-boxing champ surrenders after punching French police

He also announced plans to ban known "troublemakers" from taking part in protests, in the same way known football hooligans have been banned from stadiums before.

The SCSI-CFDT police union said the funds should be seized to compensate the two officers injured in Saturday's attack.

The boxer says he is a yellow vest and has attended all eight waves of protests, angered by those in power in France.

Chantal Jouanno, a former sports minister, said she could not guarantee conditions for a calm debate as she had become a focus of attention after a news magazine revealed she was paid 14,700 euros ($16,800) per month to head France's National Commission for Public Debate.

Dubbed the "Collectors' Referendum", the latest demonstration by the movement calls on supporters to withdraw all their savings and other deposited cash from financial institutions on Saturday.

Images of a policeman beating several protesters in the southern city of Toulon last Saturday have also been widely condemned.

The "yellow vest" demonstrations have frequently turned violent since they began in mid-November, particularly on 1 December when crowds ransacked a museum in the Arc de Triomphe and daubed graffiti on the famed monument.

The "yellow vests" movement - named after the fluorescent jackets all French motorists have to carry in their vehicles - started in mid-November as a protest against a fuel tax but have since grown into a broader backlash against the government.

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