Trump to give primetime public address regarding border wall on Tuesday

Trump ‘May declare a national emergency’ to build wall

Trump ‘May declare a national emergency’ to build wall

Sen. Chuck Schumer and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi have requested equal air time to counter expected "malice and misinformation" in President Trump's Tuesday night address to the nation.

Vice President Mike Pence says the White House is looking into the legality of declaring a national emergency to circumvent Congress and begin construction on President Donald Trump's long-promised Southern border wall.

President Donald Trump on Monday afternoon announced he will interrupt prime-time television to address the border, as a partial government shutdown continues.

A source in the meeting said the weekend talks were good only in the sense that they got a more precise sense of what the administration wanted.

Pence said the president has invited Democratic leadership to the White House to give their response to the president's proposal. In 2019, the president is now hitting even more resistance from the newly installed Democratic House after a bruising midterm election cycle where Democrats won 40 House seats.

Pelosi and Schumer said that Democrats "and an increasing number of Republicans in Congress" have urged Trump and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., to "re-open the government while Congress debates the President's expensive and ineffective wall".

Trump visited the southern border last March.

"V.P. Mike Pence and group had a productive meeting with the Schumer/Pelosi representatives today", Trump wrote. The material used would now be steel, not concrete. It is both stronger & less obtrusive.

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The Oval Office is viewed as the power center of the world, as it is where US presidents make decisions, and it is a physical representation of the office they hold.

Along with $5.6 billion for the wall, the administration has called for another $800 million for "urgent humanitarian needs" to take care of migrants at the border. "More details will be announced soon".

Trump said that he would consider a deal that involved protections for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program recipients, but indicated that he preferred to wait until the Supreme Court ruled on the issue. "That's how broken I think some of these discussions are", Mulvaney said.

Trump has argued the wall is necessary for national security and has tried to link terrorism to illegal immigration, without providing evidence, as justification for the plan.

Last week the president told reporters he is considering declaring a national emergency to fund a border wall. "So that's a non-starter".

The White House is planning a media blitz as President Trump pushes for a wall along the Southern border, which congressional Democrats have repeatedly rebuffed.

"We just can't afford to do business that way", Schiff said.

At the White House, on Monday, spokeswoman Mercedes Schlapp complained that Democratic leaders have yet to define what they mean when they say they are for enhancing border security.

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