May hails launch of 10-year NHS plan for England as 'historic'

Under a new scheme all smokers who are admitted to hospital will be offered help to quit

Under a new scheme all smokers who are admitted to hospital will be offered help to quit

Chancellor Philip Hammond said the NHS needed to ensure care was provided "efficiently".

This will help address today's challenges.

"The systematic problems facing the NHS have not been properly addressed". Every day, the NHS treats over 1 million people.

In the aftermath of the 2017 WannaCry attacks, and more recent reports of a breach of DNA data, this target may not be soon enough - but the starting point has to be considered, as it was recently found that a quarter of trusts have no staff with security qualifications.

At the heart of this plan is the principle that prevention is better than cure.

Patients' personal health records will hold a care plan with information added by themselves or an authorised carer.

"However, securing this additional funding is entirely dependent on working together with local NHS clinical commissioning groups (CCGs)". This, in turn, reduces the demand for health and care services.

This already happens in the best parts of the NHS and there's been a huge amount of work to support the people who work in the NHS.

Chief Executive of th eHealth Foundation think-tank, Jennifer Dixon, has also prediction it will be "extremely tough" to fulfil pledges outlined due to the scale of staffing shortages, rising pressure, and cuts to other parts of the wider healthcare system.

"This plan heralds an end of austerity for the NHS and as such marks the dawn of a new era - one in which we will need to transform the way services are delivered to patients and the public".

"'It is welcome that the Government is beginning to recognise the importance of prevention and must now ensure that these plans are deliverable, sustainable, and serve the long-term needs of the public", he said.

The plan will mean our growing elderly population will be supported to stay healthy and independent for longer and better support for carers. And while improving survival rates for serious conditions has been put at the forefront of this new strategy, it seems no consideration has been given to learning from the Social Health Insurance systems in Europe, under which thousands more people survive strokes and common types of cancer each year.

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An expansion of the NHS Digital Academy programme to improve digital leadership.

Meanwhile, NHS doctors will be able to access specialist mental health support, providing a safe, confidential non-stigmatising service to turn to when they are struggling and need help.

"We want world-class mental health care for all".

The NHS will tackle unacceptable health inequalities by targeting support towards the most vulnerable in areas of high deprivation. England's 10-Year Health Plan The expanded program aims to close in the gap between physical and mental health treatments. We know that immediate action is needed for children and young people's services as they have become woefully underfunded and overstretched.

And we will expand services for young people to include people up to the age of 25.

"Too often, those with gambling addiction suffer in silence, which is why we will continue to work closely with the NHS to help make sure there are good links between the services we commission and those commissioned by the NHS".

And we will upgrade urgent care so people can get the right care more quickly.

"The green paper and the NHS long term plan should have been developed in parallel".

Following the publishing of the NHS's long-term plan today by Theresa May and NHS England chief executive Simon Stevens, a greater focus will be placed on integrated care, improving outcomes for major diseases, and the commitment to save up to 500,000 more lives over the next decade.

It's an important moment in the history of the NHS.

The 133-page document says NHS bosses have drawn up "a provisional list of potential legislative changes for parliament's consideration" following invitations to do so from May and MPs on the health and social care select committee.

Newer technology with new priorities, fit for the future, so it is always there, in our hour of need.

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