Super Smash Bros characters LEAK: Upcoming DLC REVEALED for Nintendo Switch brawler

Smash Ultimate's next Spirit event is the retro-themed 'Playing with Spirit Power'

Elon Musk mains 'Zero Suit Samus' in Smash Bros. Ultimate

At the time, the individual also revealed more information about Joker's DLC fighter pack.

Now, a reliable dataminer who goes by the name of jam1garner presented the code names for the upcoming DLC Season Pass fighters. Who those characters are at the moment, however, remains a mystery.

Jack is thought by some to be the code name for Persona 5's Joker, another character that was recently confirmed as one of the DLC fighters.

Tesla Motors and SpaceX CEO and co-founder, Elon Musk has taken to Twitter to reveal that he has picked up his very own copy of Super Smash Bros.

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However, as with any leak of unconfirmed information, this DLC character roster leak for Super Smash Bros.

Smash Ultimate datamine became the center of attention for fans of Super Smash Bros. Other theories say that Jack is a reference to Jack Frost, a demon also from the Persona franchise.

Minecraft's Steve will allegedly include alternate Alex (other Minecraft friend) and Master Chief skins, which could be the closest we ever see to the Chief himself appearing in Smash. Packu is more than likely Piranha Plant, whose Japanese name is Packun Flower, leaving the last codename to a character who wasn't already introduced. Ultimate along with the upcoming DLC would be courageous which could be a reference to a Dragon Quest hero.

The leak suggests that Erdrick, Marine and Ryu Hayabusa will added to the DLC roster of Super Smash Bros. In the Japanese version of all the entries in the series, the hero's unique class is called yuusha, which translates as fearless. They are Packu, Jack and fearless.

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