Samsung unveils 219-inch MicroLED display


The author with the 85-inch version. 98 inches? He can't even. Sarah Tew CNET

These days? The LCD and Plasma TVs of yesterday have been succeeded by more high tech devices, 4K TVs which come equipped with online access and a middle finger to traditional network stations as the likes of Netflix and YouTube make for more gripping entertainment.

Samsung has yet to provide pricing or availability information about the new MicroLED displays. The modular display is the smallest 4K MicroLED display Samsung has ever shown off ahead of its first MicroLED TV release sometime in 2019.

The Wall's micro LED technology, which relies on millions of RGB microscopic LED chips, is also starting to make its way into more affordable, consumer-size TVs.

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The new iteration of The Wall comes in a 219-inch 4K version as well as a more consumer-friendly 75-inch 4K iteration.

Offering significant versatility, users can customise Micro LED screens to fit any room or space. So they don't break a sweat while supporting standard 16:9 to 21:9 aspect ratios and unconventional aspect ratios like 32:9 and 1:1 without any compromise in picture quality. Samsung says that the "Micro LED technology also optimises the content no matter the size and shape of the screen". By adding Micro LED modules, users can expand their display to any size they desire. 2019 in Las Vegas, the South Korean giant, Samsung introduced a next-generation modular Micro LED display with 75-inch and 219-inch "wall" screens. OLED panels must be manufactured in complete sections like LCD panels and are unfeasible to manufacture in very large sizes, while MicroLED modules can be scaled and assembled in sections to support much bigger screens.

The modular display is also bezel-free, making it an appealing choice for racing or flight simulator fans, retail scenarios and home theatres. The result is a seamless, stunning infinity pool effect that allows the display to elegantly blend into any living environment.

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