PH won't meddle in China-Taiwan tiff - Palace

Chinese President Xi Jinping who is also chairman of the Central Military Commission said the armed forces must devise strategies for the new era and take on responsibilities for preparing and waging war

China amps up military over South China Sea, Taiwan and US trade tensions

He was the secretary general of Tsai's cabinet until December. The history between the two governments connects them regardless of whether Taiwan agrees to unify and create "one China" or remain separate.

"I myself expect all of Taiwan's political parties to clearly state, 'We reject "one country, two systems, '" Tsai said Saturday".

Taiwan became a self-governed island in 1949 following a bloody civil war, though it is still officially considered the Republic of China.

"What Xi said fully exposed Beijing's intention to destroy the Republic of China and its ambition to take over Taiwan", Chen Ming-tung, head of Taiwan's Mainland Affairs Council, said at a news conference on Thursday in Taipei.

"If the worldwide community fails to speak up for and assist Taiwan under the circumstances we face today, I have to ask which country will be next?" she asked.

China's President Xi Jinping had said in a speech on Wednesday that he wanted to enforce the "reunification" of China, if necessary also with violence.

The United States diplomatically recognizes China over Taiwan but it remains Taipei's staunchest political and military ally.

In response, President Tsai said on January 2, that Taiwan had never and would not accept the position that the Chinese communist party has a legitimate right to rule over Taiwan, stressing that cross-strait talks must be handled on a government-by-government basis.

Xi has been touting the "one country, two systems" model for Taiwan.

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Taiwanese frustration has also been compounded recently by allegations from the government that Beijing is not doing enough to inform its neighbour about an outbreak of African swine fever on the mainland.

Xi's version of the consensus sharply differed from that formerly held by Beijing and now held by the mainland-friendly opposition Kuomintang (KMT) in Taiwan, he said.

Ms Tsai is squeezed between China and more radical members of her own party who favour pushing for independence - something Taiwan has never formally declared.

Mr Xi has repeatedly said the takeover of Taiwan is at the top of his legacy list - and is open to both peaceful and warlike means to do so.

Ms Tsai resigned the party chairmanship but stayed on as president, staying above the fray in the vote to replace her.

Huang added that the low turnout reflected a lack of interest among DPP members after last year's election defeat.

While Mr Xi said he would use military force if necessary, he was relatively reserved compared to early a year ago when, speaking of Taiwan, he declared China would never cede "a single inch of our land" and was ready to fight "a bloody battle against our enemies".

"A chairman who is at odds with Tsai will definitely be a minus [for the party]", he said.

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