Democratic-led Home approves spending invoice to finish shutdown; no Senate vote

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was sworn in Thursday

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was sworn in Thursday

"But before his wheels were even up off the Capitol the White House was saying, 'We reject that, we're not going below $5 million.'".

Complicating matters for the White House, McConnell has distanced himself from the discussions since Trump turned on the spending bill passed by the Senate last month, which enraged some Republicans who had voted for the measure believing that they had Trump's backing. "Does anyone have any doubt that we're not doing a wall?"

The White House notified Congress that the president still intends to veto any bill that does not include funding for the wall, The New York Times reported.

This was President Trump's first time in the White House Press briefing room, but he did not take questions from reporters.

As the Congress gavels in for the 116th session the early votes will be the usual ones - establishing the House rules and electing the House speaker, presumably California Democrat Nancy Pelosi.

"Our first order of business will be to end the reckless Trump shutdown and reopen the government", Rep. Hakeem Jeffries of NY, the incoming caucus chairman, said in an interview.

"I have never had so much support as I have in the last week over my stance for border security, for border control, and for frankly, the wall or the barrier", he said. Democrats disagree, with Pelosi calling the wall immoral, ineffective and expensive.

During Wednesday's meeting, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer said Democrats pressed Trump on why he wouldn't end the shutdown.

The president is due to resume budget talks with top Democrats and Republicans on Friday. The White House had asked for the late January date, according to people familiar with the plans.

Trump says the wall is crucial to curbing irregular immigration. Polls show a majority of Americans oppose the border wall, although Republicans strongly support it. "But essentially we need protection in our country". She added: "We can go through the back and forth. No. The people of our country want it". "It's a wall between reality and his constituents and his supporters", she said, listing a number of grievances with the president's policies.

Syria conflict: Bolton says US withdrawal is conditional
The Palestinian Foreign Ministry on Sunday decried Israeli calls for demolishing sections of walls of Jerusalem's Old City. Bolton added that Trump is fully committed to the fight against terror, and as such "wants the ISIS caliphate destroyed".

The White House in the statement said the Democrats' resolutions fund a number of unnecessary programs at levels 20 percent or higher than the president's fiscal year 2019 budget request, including excessing foreign aid and other assistance for the West Bank/Gaza, Syria, Pakistan and United Nations programs.

Indeed, the impasse is more than about whether to fund a wall or fencing - or even steel slats, as Trump has recently referred to the border structure he's seeking.

Trump has threatened a veto of the legislation that would fund homeland security operations until February 8 and several other agencies through September because they do not provide any money for a wall that Trump has demanded by constructed on the USA border with Mexico. It was approved, 239-192.

The legislators took office Thursday in the middle of a partial government shutdown.

The bill, which would provide money through the end of the fiscal year September 30, was approved, 241-190.

One day into their new House majority, several Democrats are trying to jump-start the impeachment action that many in the party have been talking about for two years.

Department of Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen was slated to give the congressional leaders a border security briefing, but was interrupted by Democrats and was unable to deliver the briefing. The broader bill passed 241-190, with seven GOP members voting for it.

Schumer said that if McConnell and Senate Republicans stay on the sidelines, "Trump can keep the government shut down for a long time".

But some Republican senators appeared open to at least part of the Democrats' proposal.

"I think we're going to be dug in for a while", the North Carolina Republican said. Susan Collins, R-Maine.

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