Apple iPhone XI might have the ugliest triple camera solution so far

This may be the new 2019 iPhone Xi

Apple iPhone XI might have the ugliest triple camera solution so far

The year is only 6 days old and we already have rumours about the next generation of iPhones. But the first one this year is a promising one as it gives a clear look at the triple rear camera setup in the iPhone XI.

What's unclear is exactly what extra features we'll get from having an extra camera grafted onto the back of the phone. The cameras and LED flash are arranged in a squircle positioned in the top left corner of the phone.

Is it a good thing?

It also remains to be seen if a third camera will be Apple's ticket to bounce back from a low 2018.

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The renders show a square camera housing with three lenses, the third offset from the other two, and accompanied by a flash and microphone. There's just too much happening in that little space and doesn't match with Jony Ive's ideas. But Onleaks did mention that the upcoming iPhone (s) is still at the Engineering Validation Test (EVT) stage, which means that this isn't the final design and is subjected to change before the final release. However, how the camera is setup on the device can be questionable. But it is something that was expected based on some reports from a year ago.

Some previous rumors suggest that the third camera will be a 3D ToF sensor, but it's still all speculations for now. However, nearly a year ago, we've already heard rumors pointing towards this.

The three-camera setup certainly sounds impressive, but it's quite likely to push up the cost of production, and therefore inflate the iPhone brand's price tag even further.

However, we're still at least nine months away from Apple's annual iPhone reveal, so take these images with a pinch of salt. Tipster OnLeaks and Digit India published a bunch of renders yesterday of what might be the iPhone XI, which you can see above and below.

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