Volvo spin-off Polestar teases second model

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Model 3 Tesla Model 3 Performance gets 19-inch “Power Sports” Aero Wheels in China

Not much can be ascertained from just the teaser except for the fact that the Polestar 2's rear headlights will actually be one light bar.

Volvo only released a teaser photo and a full reveal is expected in the coming weeks.

Few details are known about the Polestar 2, but it is expected to have a driving range of around 400 kilometres.

Volvo claims that the Polestar will compete with the Tesla Model 3 sedan, which comes with a range of 350-500 km. The brand announced its style to be four-door "fastback"-like, and derived from the 40.2-concept vehicle, but as of yet did not show more than the picture you see above this article". Toyota reveals its first fully-self driving vehicle.

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In keeping with traditional fastback styling, the Polestar 2 has a gently sloping rear window which meets a relatively short trunk.

Volvo said in May 2018 that it would embed the voice-controlled Google Assistant, Google Play Store, Google Maps and other Google services into its next-generation Sensus infotainment system, which the Polestar 2 will come equipped with.

Polestar says the model will enter production shortly after the Polestar 1 hybrid, which rolls off the line later this year.

Besides conventional cash sales, the vehicle will also be available on a subscription basis that Polestar says is a more premium version of its sister brand's Care by Volvo package. The Polestar 2's launch will also mark the global debut of the Google product. Don't Miss: Amazon is blowing out Apple Watches at deep discounts, today only Volvo plans to officially unveil the auto in just a few short months, if not sooner, but a few of the vehicle's more eye-catching specs have already been disclosed.

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