Samsung to showcase flexible Space Monitor at CES 2019

Small work surface? Samsung's got you covered

Small work surface? Samsung's got you

Samsung has unveiled a new range of monitors which includes the Samsung Space Monitor, created to take up less desktop real estate and offering modern, minimalist yet flexible design. "Officially called the UR59C 32", the monitor has been primarily designed with content creators in mind. No pricing or release information was given at press time, but we expect the company to show off the display at CES 2019 where we'll get to spend some time with it. Stay tuned. It features support for 1 billion colors and a 2,500:1 contrast ratio.

"Samsung Space Monitor leverages its sleek design and functionality to allow users to focus on what's on the screen and not what's around it".

The monitor also supports AMD Radeon FreeSync2 HDR technology, which reduces the annoying "stuttering" and input latency, ensuring a high and stable image speed, these are essential features to have a better video gaming experience. Samsung CRG9 monitor comes with a 120Hz refresh rate, features dual QHD resolution and HDR10.The gaming monitor offers a peak brightness of 1,000 nits.

As to when that is, we'll let you know closer to when it happens, though our guess would be that you have a few months before you can set your own eyes on these monitors for yourself.

Another monitor Samsung revealed ahead of CES 2019 is the Samsung Space Monitor (the company's fond of celestial branding).

Image Samsung
Image Samsung

Samsung's new Space Monitor uses an arm that clamps to your desk instead a traditional monitor stand.

Combine that with some insane thin bezels (everywhere except on the bottom) and a neat cable management system (through the monitor's arm), and you get a really interesting option for anyone that's lacking for space or simply building a minimalist work environment.

"Samsung Electronics Australia can confirm that the Space Monitor, CRG9 49-inch Gaming Monitor and the UR59C 32-inch Curved 4K UHD Monitor will be sold in Australia". The arm allows the user to adjust the monitor as per his/her convenience.

Samsung has unveiled three brand-new monitors for 2019, including the Samsung UR59C, a striking 4K UHD curved screen that's been launched as the ideal tool for photographers, filmmakers and content creators in all shapes and sizes. Samsung also designed the CRG9 with a smaller stand size for convenience and flexibility in every gamer's space.

Both monitors will be on display at CES in Las Vegas next week. I like the concept of the Space Monitor and it looks like it would make a good pairing with a Mac Mini if you have limited space available.

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