Destination Oregon! More people are moving to the Beaver State

A farm in Vermont on Oct. 17 2016. Vermont has the second-smallest population among states yet saw the highest percentage of inbound moves in 2018 according to a new study

Report: Idaho ranks third in the nation for inbound moves

The United Van Lines survey, which is based on household moves handled by the company in the 48 contiguous states and Washington, D.C., adds to a growing body of data showing stagnant or declining population in northern population centers in favor of the Sun Belt and Intermountain West.

More Connecticut residents moved out than in previous year, according to a recent study by United Van Lines.

Other reasons for the high percentage of moves to the Mountain West in 2018 include retirement (28.1 percent), proximity to family (20.8 percent) and lifestyle change (19.4 percent).

The study found that 66.8 percent of New Jersey moves were people leaving the state.

An annual migration patterns study by Atlas Van Lines ranks Illinois No. 3 in percentage of out-of-state moves for 2018, behind West Virginia and Wyoming, respectively.

Four Western states filled out the top five: OR (63.8 percent inbound), (62.4 percent), Nevada (61.8 percent inbound) and Arizona (60.2 percent inbound).

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Rounding out the list for outbound migration in 2018 were Illinois, Connecticut, New York, Kansas, Ohio, Massachusetts, Iowa, Montana and MI, the study stated. OR had 3,346 total moves - the second highest percentage with 63.8 percent inbound moves.

Several southern states also experienced high percentages of inbound migration, such as SC (59.9 percent) and North Carolina (57 percent).

MI had 4,223 shipments from United Van Lines previous year, according to information from the company. Last year, about 24 percent of outbound moves from IL were due to retirement, but 46 percent were for a job and another 22 percent were for family reasons, according to the United Van Lines survey.

Pennsylvania, meanwhile, had slightly more inbound movers - 52.1 percent - than outbound - 47.9 percent.

New Jersey residents are on the outs with their state.

The Garden State has ranked in the top 10 outbound states for the last decade, according to United Van Lines.

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