Google Chrome's Dark Theme is coming to Windows 10

How to enable and test the new Google Chrome dark mode on Windows 10

How to Force Enable Google Chrome’s WIP Dark Mode on Windows Machines

And Google Chrome's dark mode will be compatible with this feature.

Chrome's implementation will work that way on Windows 10 as well; it is unclear how it will work on older versions of the Windows operating system.

Following reports that the Chrome team was working on a dark mode for the macOS version of the browser, it looks like the Windows 10 version of the browser will get the same treatment.

Chrome already has a dark-ish theme for incognito windows; these set the tabs, address bar, and related areas to be dark grey so that they're immediately distinguishable from regular, non-incognito windows. "For desktop, native dark mode support is in progress; in the meantime, we generally suggest people [to] use a dark theme", he said.

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The overwhelming demand for dark modes in apps is beginning to see serious results now, to the point where 2019 could be the year we see system-wide dark modes across all the major platforms. Unfortunately, for mobile Chrome users who do not have the ability to add themes and extensions, Kasting did not have any insight as to when a dark mode would be added. Once this is displayed you have a scrollable version of Chrome open, which will allow (without direct URL input) navigation away to other sites if the links are there on the Wikipedia page to begin with.

Right-click on Chrome Canary's desktop shortcut and go into its Properties.

Dark mode in Chrome Canary on Windows 10.

Add -force-dark-mode to the end of the Target field and make sure that there is a space between the command and the path, e.g. A similar method may work on macOS as well. There are parts that still require to be improved, with black text on a dark background, as it's the case of the main menu, so the whole idea is to get a taste of what's to come in this regard for Google Chrome users. You can select either the light or the dark theme just like in the Settings App or can select Change Automatically which will enable the Choose custom start time... option. Development of the Windows theme was at least, for a time, hindered by one of the developers not having a Windows laptop to use.

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