Fuchsia OS confirmed support for Android App support via Android Runtime

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Google’s upcoming Fuchsia OS will support Android apps

Many of you are probably not as familiar with the Google Fuchsia OS, and are wondering why is it being mentioned so frequently in news. The search giant has confirmed that it is working on the new operating system that is supposed to power everything from smartphones to smart appliances and more.

We've been learning tidbits about Google's secret operating system, Fuchsia OS, for quite a while now, but there still hasn't been any official word from Google about what it will be used for.

Details of the Android Open Source Project (AOSP) show that Google intends to make this new system compatible with Android Apps. Fuchsia first surfaced back in 2016 as a project that appeared on GitHub.

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Considering that Fuchsia is so different from Android, even on a technical level, everyone wondered whether the platform will support Android apps. By then, independent developers will have time to get their hands dirty with the Fuchsia SDK and enough information will become available to allow users to prepare for the switch. And if you are a Windows Phone fan, you are probably very well aware of that. Google's plans regarding Fuchsia are a complete mystery at this point, as the company did not really talk about pre-installing this OS on any hardware or anything of the sort. This unique version of ART will be installable on Fuchsia OS devices using a.far file (which looks to be Android's equivalent of an APK file).

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Fuchsia may replace Android and Chrome OS in the coming years, but we don't know when it'll actually arrive. It will be many months before we see Fuchsia in the wild.

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