Democrats ‘Didn’t Want to Hear’ Border Security Briefing, Says Rep. McCarthy

‘Could be a while’: Trump refuses to budge in shutdown standoff

White House calls Democrats' plan to end shutdown 'non-starter'

The Wednesday afternoon briefing with the congressional leaders is taking place the day before Democrats are to assume control of the House and end the Republican monopoly on government.

President Donald Trump slammed Democrats at the White House on Wednesday for calling the border wall "immoral", noting that other countries and the Vatican have walls that all work.

In comments during a Cabinet meeting, Mr Trump also said he was open to working on a path to legal status for hundreds of thousands of young illegal immigrants known as Dreamers, pointing toward a potential broader deal with Democrats that could resolve the shutdown.

The top Democrats and Republicans in the House and Senate emerged from the White House talks giving no indication they've changed their positions on Trump's demand for $5 billion to fund a border wall.

Trump met with congressional leadership from both sides of the aisle Wednesday amid an on-going partial government shutdown.

Trump has demanded at least $5 billion in funding directed at creating the first stages of a new wall between the USA and Mexico that he repeatedly promised to voters during his campaign and over the first two years of his presidency, and which he said before his election that he would force Mexico to pay for.

"Mexico is paying for the Wall through the new USMCA Trade Deal".

"We will have to see what the particulars are as it relates to the justification for advanced, additional fencing along a 2,000 mile border", said Jeffries. "Because that's apparently a sticking point".

President Donald Trump says the southern border is "like a sieve", and he's lamenting how US authorities fired tear gas into Mexico during the first hours of the new year to repel about 150 migrants trying to breach the border fence in Tijuana.

Pelosi said the Democrats will still vote on Thursday, as Congress starts its new session with the Democratic party in the majority in the House after victories in the midterm elections last November.

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Democrat leaders have called the wall project ineffective and expensive. "It is not helping the president it's not helping the Republicans to be the owners of this shutdown", Schumer said.

Democrats have responded to Trump's demands by flatly rejecting any funding for a border wall, leading to complaints about intransigence from the White House.

The commander in chief also lamented spending Christmas alone in the White House while his family celebrated the holidays at his Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida. "He could not give a good answer", Schumer said.

Lawmakers managed to pass funding bills for about three-quarters of the government, but when it came to the last one, which included the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) along with border security, Democrats blocked the wall funding in the Senate, where Republicans lacked a sufficient majority.

The Smithsonian's National Zoo in Washington, D.C., is among those institutions closed due to the partial government shutdown.

"They hate the word "wall", they just hate it, right?" Major agencies like the Pentagon and the Health and Human Services Department have already been funded through the end of the fiscal year September 30, thanks to spending bills passed by Congress earlier in the year and signed by Trump.

Some 800,000 federal workers are impacted, including around 350,000 who have been furloughed while the rest stay on the job wondering whether they will end up getting paid. That's partly because most of the federal government is immune.

The current shutdown is the longest since a 16-day partial shutdown in 2013 over the Affordable Care Act.

This article was written by Erica Werner and Damian Paletta, reporters for The Washington Post.

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