RIP: The Essential Phone Has Been Discontinued

The Essential Phone is dead

The Essential Phone is effectively discontinued

But as part of that announcement, the company is also confirming something that fans had long hoped to be true: Essential is officially working on a second "mobile product", presumably this rumored tiny phone that uses AI to answer emails and text messages for you. On Essential's website and other stores that typically sell the Essential Phone, the device was showing up as "sold out". On top of that, the Essential Phone will continue to receive software updates in a timely manner.

We are sold out of Essential Phone on and wont be adding any new inventory. Additionally, the company will continue selling PH-1's accessories and keep providing software updates and customer support for the same.

Droid Life first reported that Essential is now listing all three colors of its PH-1 as "out of stock" with no clear indication of whether any more will be sold.

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Android co-founder Andy Rubin provided the creative direction for the Essential Phone, which was in the spotlights as soon as it was launched, but the smartphone did not really take off. Even after expanding into new markets, the phone's sales remained underwhelming and resulted in layoffs and rumours that the firm would be sold.

However, according to the statement mentioned above, the company announced it is working on the next smartphone.

In a statement to 9to5Google, Essential confirmed that it is out of stock of the PH-1 and won't be producing more. As a contributor to Digital Overload, Tina mainly covers mobile news, marketing and industry updates.

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