Finland marks winter solstice, longer days on the horizon

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What causes the winter solstice to even happen? That's because the final full moon of the year-known as the Cold Moon, or Full Cold Moon-comes on Saturday, technically at 12:49pm. That sun at noon will be at its lowest in the sky all year, before it sets shortly after 4 pm giving us just less than 8 hours of daylight.

The reason behind this phenomenon is that the Earth is tilted on its axis by 23.5° relative to the plane of the planet's orbit.

In Ireland, people gather days before the solstice at Newgrange - a massive gravesite that is more than 5,000 years old. Fremont Art Council is holding a winter solstice feast, complete with decorations and costumes.

The winter solstice falls on December 21, making it the shortest day and the longest night of the year.

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This year's solstice: The 2018 winter solstice will be rather unique since a full moon occurs the day after. It marks the transition period at which days begin getting longer in the Northern Hemisphere and shorter in the Southern Hemisphere, and ushers in the Winter season.

Soon after the winter solstice, the number of daylight hours in the Northern Hemisphere will gradually grow longer each day until the summer solstice in late June, when the greatest amount of daylight hours occurs.

The term solstice refers to the sun being directly overhead of the Tropic of Capricorn in the Southern Hemisphere at its most southern point. This is the shortest day of the year, too - but with the moon this full, we've got plenty of reason to stay out howling. This will happen again in 2029. But because of the full moon, it might be hard to spot the meteors.

A meteor shower will be visible if the skies are clear. You could possibly see 10 shooting stars every hour, depending on where you're watching from.

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