Google says ciao to Allo

Google says ciao to Allo

Google confirms Allo will shutdown in March - news

Contrast the success of the Google video chat app Duo which registers ever more users. After those reports hit the web, Google was forced to say something, and last night it put out a press release talking about its vision for its messaging apps.

Verizon and Google will be rolling out enhanced messaging (RCS) in the Messages app on Google Pixel 3 and Google Pixel 3 XL beginning this Thursday, December 6th. While the company had already ceased work on the service earlier this year, it has now announced that it'll close down Allo in March of next year.

Whether Chat succeeds will depend on carriers, as Google can't just say "OK fam, we're all RCS now". In order to offer customers "a simpler and more unified communications experience", Google promised to support only five messaging apps going forward, down from its current suite of seven.

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As for Hangouts, the other unclear entry in Google's family of messaging apps, Google previously announced that it would "evolve" Hangouts into separate Hangout Chats and Hangouts Meet experiences for businesses.

Back in April, Google paused investment in Allo, and transferred its entire workforce to other projects and shifted all resources to the Android Messages team.

Google has found itself with an overwhelming number of messaging options as it seems to throw stuff at the wall, see what sticks and call it spaghetti. Add to that list two of its more recent initiatives, Hangouts and Allo, which are being shuttered. This is a product area which will get more attention at the expense of Allo, Google's version of 15 minutes of fame. It's shaving its seven different messaging apps down to five, for example, with the wind down of classic Hangouts and Google Allo. Within Settings, users need to tap Chat Export messages from chats and Export stored media from chats. RIP Allo. You weren't long for this cruel world, but at least your death wasn't totally meaningless. The Enterprise-only services Hangout Chats and Hangout Meets will be made available to consumers in the future.

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