Far Cry: New Dawn Announced For PlayStation 4, Xbox One, And PC

'Far Cry New Dawn' turns Hope County into a nuclear wasteland next year

Far Cry: New Dawn blasts into the post-apocalypse in February

The sequel nature of New Dawn is now confirmed, but, Ubisoft clarifies, it's not an official Far Cry 6 release. Just like Far Cry 5, it will be coming to the PS4, Xbox One, and Windows PC.

Far Cry 5 dropped players into the fictionalized Hope County, Montana, where you and your strike team of Federal Bureau of Investigation agents attempted to end a cult's hold over the region. What other takes on the Far Cry franchise would you like to see?

New Dawn brings something new to the Far Cry series with Expeditions. Based on the weird - but very real - phenomenon of "super bloom".

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Build up your home base and recruit specialists to upgrade it as you unlock all-new features. Based on the artwork, expect New Dawn to be set in Montana. We met Horatio the Boar and the adorable Timber the Akita, who looks especially cute sat beside you in a sidecar as you ride between missions. Join fellow survivors and lead the fight against the risky new threat the Highwaymen, and their ruthless leaders The Twins, as they seek to take over the last remaining resources.

Far Cry 5 bad guy Joseph Seed is in the trailer though and seems to be upset that he's failed to protect Hope Country from the "Collapse" that he predicted. Thankfully, then, co-op is also where this sequel looks the most promising. Alongside that some brand new screenshots for the game are available. And at the same time, on my end, after [working on a number of Far Cry games] I was really looking for a way to change the dynamic of the moments you spend with the villain. You'll be pleased to hear the Fangs for Hire will return as well. It's a system that's meant to encourage you to repeat these missions over and over, but it also has the potential to drive the "anecdote factory" with a friend in co-op. They're essentially larger scale outposts that increase in difficulty.

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