Ecuador: Enough UK guarantees for Assange to leave embassy


UK guarantees are enough for Julian Assange to leave embassy, Ecuador’s president says

"We do not see the British changing their point of view, they continue to insist that he appear before the courts", said Valencia.

WikiLeaks has published thousands of classified U.S. government documents, prompting U.S. law-enforcement authorities to consider possible criminal charges for Assange, despite the fact that publishing leaked government documents is not a crime.

Ecuadorian President Lenín Moreno said Thursday in a radio interview that the U.K. had provided him with sufficient guarantees that the wanted Australian activist would not be extradited to another country, such as the United States, where execution was legal, according to Associated Press.

Moreno, however, said Britain guaranteed that Assange would not be extradited to a country where his life is in danger.

Moreno, however, said Assange had to answer to Britain for violating asylum terms when the WikiLeaks founder asked for protection to avoid being sent to Sweden. The indictment suggested that the U.S. will seek Assange's extradition if he leaves the embassy, though the charges he faces were not known.

Federal criminal charges against Assange have been filed secretly in the U.S. and were accidentally leaked in a court filing for an unrelated case several weeks ago. Assange has repeatedly suggested he might be apprehended outside the embassy and extradited to the United States. This comes as special counsel Robert Mueller is investigating the alleged links between US President Donald Trump's associates and Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election.

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Assange entered the embassy after two years of battling an extradition to Sweden to be questioned by prosecutors, who were considering whether charges should be brought against Assange for sexual assault.

Mr Assange founded WikiLeaks in 2006.

Ecuador said that the United Kingdom has given such a guarantee, but Moreno said he needs clarification on the British position.

That could be an issue in the case of the United States because it has the death penalty.

"The suggestion that as long as the death penalty is off the table, Mr Assange need not fear persecution is obviously wrong", said Mr Pollack.

His lawyer, Carlos Poveda, said last month that Assange was prepared to give himself up to British police provided he receives assurances he would not be extradited.

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