'Avengers' director says Evans' Cap days may not be over

L to R Spider-Man  Peter Parker, Iron Man  Tony Stark, Drax, Star-Lord  Peter Quill and Mantis

Poor Peter Parker

Secret Wars is a 1984 crossover comic book series featuring nearly every Marvel superhero and supervillain.

The Russo Brothers, directors of Marvel's biggest films like Captain America: Civil War and Avengers: Infinity War, have long held an interest in the groundbreaking comic story arc of Secret Wars.

We were completely devastated after hearing the news, but a follow-up interview with Evans and ABC's Good Morning America, gave us some hope that maybe he wasn't finished. While they didn't talk about Avengers 4, they did answer a few interesting questions.

What do you think of these new pieces of information? Sadly, the Avengers 4 trailer still isn't here, and we still don't have a title. We knew there were fake scenes and insane plots and that no single actor had the full script.

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"We're about halfway through the editorial process and it's standing about three hours right now", he continued. "That last day of filming was a very emotional day, and it was the culmination of nearly 10 years of filming and 22 movies-this unbelievable tapestry". Marvel fans were counting on the event to drop the first trailer and title for the film, considering the first trailer for Avengers Infinity War was also launched at the same time previous year. Or does Russo mean that the actual character will be back for more?

"We killed half the Marvel universe so for us it really is about, in what ways can we surprise the audience and tell a very challenging story", Russo said.

The director didn't elaborate further on what his comment meant, but we do know that Evans has shared in the past that he might not completely be done playing the character, so we can only assume that he meant he isn't "done yet" playing the role.

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