Tom Cruise is Worried You're Watching Movies at Home Wrong

Tom Cruise Chris Mc Quarrie- Motion Smoothing

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It's also been dubbed the "soap opera effect", given that it makes HD, big-budget movies look a lot like cheaply made daytime soap operas.

Cruise is correct. Motion smoothing-often referred to as the "soap opera effect"-is meant to "reduce motion blur in sporting events and other high definition programs", and according to McQuarrie, goes by a number of different names". That's the motion blurring effect on your television set that makes sports look good but leaves movies looking like soap operas or Canadian television shows.

The setting known as "motion smoothing" is created to make fast-moving images from sport and videogames look less blurry, by putting in artificial frames.

Bottom line: A quick web search on how to disable motion smoothing for your TV's brand should provide the necessary steps to disable this (mostly annoying) feature.

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Anyway, because both Cruise and McQuarrie are just so passionate about this issue, they took a break from filming "Top Gun: Maverick" to tell you that if you do happen to watch "Mission: Impossible - Fallout" - which, hey Cruise starred in and McQuarrie directed - that you should dig into your television settings and turn off this feature.

In a now-viral Twitter video (see below) Tuesday to mark the DVD and Blu-ray release of "Mission: Impossible - Fallout", the movie star and director Christopher McQuarrie urged viewers to turn off the "video interpolation", or motion-smoothing, function on their high-def TVs.

On most TVs, motion smoothing controls are under advanced picture settings, and each manufacturer has a different name for it. The film is being rebooted for television, but Cruise won't be part of it.

In his tweet, Cruise wrote that he was "taking a quick break from filming" - he's now at work on the "Top Gun: Maverick" sequel - to address the subject.

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