Marine rescued after 2 military aircraft crash off coast of Japan

US Marine aircraft suffer 'mishap' off Japanese coast, search-and-rescue underway

Marine Planes Crash Off Japan Coast, Search and Rescue Underway

The aircraft had taken off from Marine Corps Air Station Iwakuni, Japan at around 2am local time.

Japanese and US officials say two American warplanes crashed into the Pacific Ocean off Japan's southwestern coast after a midair collision early Thursday, and search and rescue operations are underway.

The Marine Corps offered little information in a statement about the incident. Two aviators were on the F/A-18 Hornet, while five Marines were on the KC-130. It was not clear how many people were aboard either of the aircraft.

Search and rescue operations were underway following a "mishap".

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United States media also reported 5 crew on the C-130 and 2 on the F-18.

Rescue operations are underway off the coast of Japan for survivors of an aviation "mishap" during a training exercise, according a statement by the United States marines.

The aircraft involved had launched from Marine Corps Air Station Iwakuni and were conducting regularly scheduled training. Japanese search and rescue aircraft were immediately deployed and rescued at least one Marine.

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