Goodbye to Allo: Google confirms it will shutter its short-lived messaging app

Google confirms Allo will shutdown in March - news

Google Lays Out Messaging Plans, Including the Fate of Allo and...

"Allo will continue to work through March 2019".

"We built Google Allo, a smart messaging app, to help you get more done in your chats and express yourself more easily", Google vice president Matt Klainer explains.

Having said that Allo will function fully throughout March 2019, the company has confirmed that the Allo users will be able to export their conversation history till that time. "We've learned a lot from Allo, particularly what's possible when you incorporate machine learning features, like the Google Assistant, into messaging".

If you are using Allo, you need to find something new pretty quickly. Allo was paused as the company put more focus on Android Messages and the "Chat" RCS-based standard.

Google has struggled with its messaging strategy over the years, with numerous experiments and false starts since Google Talk was launched in 2005. In 2017, the head of Allo left Google for Facebook, and shortly thereafter most of the Allo team moved over to Android Messages.

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In brief: Google Allo, the messaging app it launched back in September 2016, is being shut down.

Numerous features in Allo have been implemented in Google Messages, like Smart Reply and GIF support, and the Allo team will not focus on the Messages app. SMS and online messaging can't exactly be compared, but we hope that Google is working on something special. In this case, many of Allos features were ported to Android Messages, the default SMS and soon-to-be RCS client on Android phones. Today the company announced an easier way to send video messages to your contacts.

The blog post also confirmed that both Hangouts Chat and Hangouts Meet will be made available to all users eventually, removing its current corporate leanings to allow existing Hangouts and Allo users to be moved over in due course. He admitted then that "The product as a whole has not achieved the level of traction that we'd hoped for", though Google would keep supporting the app.

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