Ming-Chi Kuo: AirPods Wireless Charging Coming 2019, New Model in 2020

Kuo: AirPods with New Design Coming in 2020

Apple analyst Kuo sees updated AirPods with wireless charging support materializing in Q1 of 2019

The Apple AirPods are almost two years old and the Cupertino giant still hasn't released a new version.

However, what the brand new AirPods that is due post-2020 will look like is unknown at the moment though it is expected to have a complete redesign of sorts.

The rumors come from trusted and often-right Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, as cited by 9to5Mac. The other component would be a new W-Series chip, the processor series that Apple uses in its wireless devices including the Apple Home and Watch, plus a few selected Beats audio devices. There's also a possibility the upgraded AirPods might be water resistant and will feature noise cancellation.

Kuo also said that the new pair of AirPods will have upgraded Bluetooth specs, but he didn't provide any specific information on that. In it, he says that the AirPods 2 will come with Bluetooth 5.0 and wireless charging support - although that is likely through the already announced charging case. The case itself will also get a bit of a redesign with a new hinge.

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/ The first generation AirPods. He estimates that shipments of the device will hit 100 million units by 2021, up from 16 million previous year. In a recent note, he also wrote that AirPods are Apple's most popular accessory ever and predicted sales of between 26 and 28 million units in 2018.

What the good people at Apple (and those who speculate on them) have not mentioned is a technological breakthrough that would solve the problem of losing headphones that aren't attached to wires.

Ultimately as iPhone growth slows, AirPods become one of Apple's most important products to continue driving growth. He believes that many users will end up buying the AirPods instead of upgrading their iPhone in the future.

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