Apple avoids the threat of iPhone ban in India

Apple removes over 700 apps from Chinese App Store

Apple removes another 700+ apps from its Chinese App Store

Apple was slow to adopt Indias “TRAI DND” (as the app is called) and the TRAI – Indian telecom regulator threatened to ban iPhones from Indian networks if Apple didnt approve the app before January 2019.

Back in July, we told you that the Telecom Regulatory Agency of India (TRAI) developed its own anti-spam app called DND. The app is called "Do Not Disturb (DND 2.0)' on Google's Play Store, and 'TRAI DND - Do Not Disturb" on Apple's App Store. Earlier, Apple had repeatedly rejected the TRAI-DND app from inclusion in the iOS store, which serves the iPhone and iPad, citing privacy concerns.

"Every Access Provider shall ensure, within six months' time, that all smartphone devices registered on its network support the permissions required for the functioning of such Apps as prescribed in the regulations 6 (2)(e) and regulations 23 (2)(d)", TRAI noted.

For those unaware, with the TRAI DND app, iPhone users can register their mobile number for DND (Do Not Disturb), and can also report spam calls and SMS - an issue that nearly every Indian mobile user faces on daily basis.

But, now the company has finally allowed the TRAI DND-Do Not Disturb app.

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The registration process appears to leverage the SMS/Call Reporting framework Apple recently introduced into iOS, tying reporting directly into the Phone and Messages applications and sharing only specific spam content with authorities, the report said.

The DND app has been made by a third party developer.

After users send an SMS via the app, they will need to go into DND settings on the OS and switch on DND.

It's possible that you already have your number on the National Do Not Call registry maintained by TRAI, but if you don't then this will be your first step.

More than 700 apps have been removed from the Chinese App Store in recent days, according to local reports. To do this, swipe from right to left on a number in your recent calls list, and select the "report" option.

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