Theresa May won't rule out Brexit extension to end of 2022

Theresa May

Image Theresa May has been told she could face a confidence vote next week

"That's exactly what the deal that I've negotiated delivers".

During a flying visit to Brussels created to prepare the ground for this weekend's summit of EU leaders, Mrs May will hold talks with European Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker.

Among EU states, Spain and France have so far have voiced their concerns about the final deal, both demanding alterations to the draft text.

Those are the facts but what's not factual is the latest statement from Shailesh Vara, the former Northern Ireland minister who resigned from the position last week in protest at May's draft Brexit deal.

Mr Baker said: "I'm not here today to either threaten the prime minister or make any suggestion about who should replace her".

Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez said Tuesday that his country would vote against the divorce agreement if Gibraltar's future isn't considered a bilateral issue between Madrid and London.

European leaders are set to sign off the draft withdrawal agreement and framework of future relations in Brussels next month.

If the chairman of the 1922 Committee of backbench Conservatives - Sir Graham Brady - receives letters from 15% of the party's MPs, a secret ballot is triggered. The Brexiteers want a clean break with the bloc and argue that the close trade ties called for in the agreement May's government agreed would leave Britain a vassal state, bound to European Union rules it has no say in making. It will be seen as an effective vote on her own leadership and could revive the pro-Brexit rebel backbench MPs into action to try and gather the 48 letters required to trigger a vote of no-confidence.

A vote to challenge May's leadership would need at least 48 letters in total before such a vote can be initiated.

By 6pm local time on Monday, there was no sign of a formal challenge.

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Under the terms of their confidence and supply agreement, agreed after May lost her Commons majority in last year's general election, the DUP is supposed to back the government on Budget matters and on confidence votes.

The government still won the votes and Wilson said the votes were a warning rather than a breach of the deal as they were not intended "to damage the government fiscally", the BBC reported.

In an ominous move for the Prime Minister's Brexit plans, the Northern Ireland party also refused to support the Government on a string of other measures in the Finance Bill.

He spent much of the weekend arguing with critics on Twitter and said he was now convinced passing the deal was "more important than the referendum itself" especially for the economy.

This meant the Government only defeated the proposal by 292 votes to 287, majority five.

Sinn Féin, the SDLP and Alliance have made it very clear that their first choice is to remain in the European Union, but they are glad progress has been made.

One Tory lawmaker said that despite claiming to have up to 80 supporters, ERG members won't vote as a bloc when it comes to toppling May. The DUP has stated that it will "of course" vote against the Brexit bill.

May said she was confident the deal "will work for the U.K".

DUP concerns centre around the customs backstop, created to be used to avoid a hard border in Ireland if no long-term free trade deal can be signed.

Northern Ireland is NOT part of Great Britain.

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