Ocasio-Cortez Was Mocked for Calling Gov Branches 'Chambers'



The Daily Mail's USA political editor David Martosko quote tweeted Ocasio-Cortez on Sunday and wrote that she "hasn't even started the job yet and she's already angling for more vacation days".

Ocasio-Cortez is by no means the first woman in politics to face criticism for her clothing choices - Hillary Clinton was often mocked for her pantsuits, for example - but the backlash to what Ocasio-Cortez wears often has more to do with her politics than with the clothing itself.

"If I walked into Congress wearing a sack, they would laugh & take a picture of my backside".

Ocasio-Cortez last week supported a group of climate activists protesting inside Pelosi's office, as she attempts to use her newfound national prominence to force the issue onto the top of her party's agenda. It's refreshing to see a young progressive refusing to play the United States establishment's games and defining herself on her own terms. She added, channeling messages that she gets from constituents: "We know how much pressure you're going to be under even from within your own party".

Just a few days later, Ocasio-Cortez, along with several up-and-coming congresswomen (all POCs) were displayed in a Fox News infographic, detailing "Radical New Democratic Ideals". She was corrected by her interviewer who stated, "South Korea" to which Palin answered, "Yes, and we're also bound by prudence to stand with our South Korean allies, yes".

One thing is clear early on in Ocasio-Cortez's career: She's not your average Democrat. Ocasio-Cortez, a former bartender who grew up in the Bronx to working-class parents, said she could not afford an apartment in Washington, D.C.

Her words came in response to a now-deleted tweet from Eddie Scarry, a media reporter for The Washington Examiner, in which he posted a photo of Ocasio-Cortez walking down a hallway alongside a caption that read, "Hill staffer sent me this pic of Ocasio-Cortez they took just now".

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It's supposed to be a gotcha moment, but it actually makes Ocasio-Cortez look even more credible.

"People keep giving me directions to the spouse and intern events instead of the ones for members of Congress", she tweeted.

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A conservative writer slammed Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, here in NY in June, for wearing a "jacket and coat don't look like a girl who struggles".

Justice Democrats calls its effort #OurTime.

With 795,000 followers on Instagram, Ms Ocasio-Cortez has given younger demographics an insight into the political process.

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