Argentina submarine: ARA San Juan found

Sub found after disappearing a year ago with 44 aboard

Argentina’s navy says it has found missing sub ARA San Juan a year after it went missing

Aguad said that officials still need to determine what their next move will be.

The U.S. company in charge of the search operation, Ocean Infinity, discovered the ARA San Juan submarine Friday in the south Atlantic Ocean at a depth of approximately half a mile, about 700 miles east of the Argentine city of Puerto Madryn.

The discovery was announced two days after families of the missing sailors held a commemoration, one year after the sub disappeared on 15 November 2017.

On the anniversary, President Mauricio Macri said the Argentine government has an "absolute and non-negotiable commitment" to find "the truth".

He promised a full investigation after the submarine was lost.

It is worth Recalling the fact that the submarine "San Juan" Argentine Navy stopped communicating 15 November a year ago on the way from the port of Ushuaia in the city of Mar del Plata.

The navy lost contact with the submarine on November 15 past year, about 450 kilometers (280 miles) from the Argentine coast.

1 December 2017 it was reported that the search for the crew of the submarine San Juan discontinued. Naval commander Gabriel Galeazzi said the ship surfaced and its crew explained they had a "short circuit" in the vessel's batteries.

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And authorities disclosed that just before the sub went missing, the captain reported that water had entered the engines' snorkel and short-circuited one of the sub's batteries, although he said the issue had been contained, according to the AP.

Almost 10 days later, the navy confirmed there had been an explosion on board, which experts said was likely linked to the battery problem.

Teams will dive down to whatever is left of the San Juan during an operation that is expected to last about seven hours, but defence minister Oscar Aguad has warned that the country "does not have the means to recover the wreckage".

"We are going to ask them to refloat it", she said.

But as the nation mourned the anniversary of the San Juan's disappearance on Thursday, painful questions lingered: What disgusting tragedy had befallen the submarine?

The Seabed Constructor, equipped with cameras that can submerge 6,000 meters below the surface, was set to receive a $7.5 million reward for finding the missing sub.

He said they were notified last Thursday night that the company had reviewed all the maps it had and found the point of interest.

The company unsuccessfully searched for the Malaysia Airlines plane that disappeared in 2014 over the Indian Ocean.

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