High winds raise fears in California fire fight

California's Deadliest Fire Is Seen Engulfing Paradise in'Astonishing Satellite Images

Donald Trump heads to California, again blaming fires on forest management

President Donald Trump arrives at Beale Air Force Base for a visit to areas impacted by the wildfires.

It's not the first time the President has criticized California as the deadliest fire in its history rages on.

California's outgoing and incoming governors say they'll join President Donald Trump when he visits wildfire devastation in the state.

That isn't clear. Butte County Sheriff's Investigations Sgt. Steve Collins told CNN that authorities are working from a list of people whose loved ones have called in welfare checks for them or have reported them missing.

Northern California's Camp Fire has destroyed almost 10,000 homes and torched 233 square miles (603 square kilometres).

Before embarking on Air Force One bound for Beale Air Force Base north of Sacramento early Saturday, the president tweeted that he looked "forward to being with our fearless firefighters, first responders and FEMA, along with the many courageous people of California".

Addressing McCarthy: "Kevin, anything we can do, you know we're here".

Trump was welcomed by Gov.

Patients are quickly evacuated from the Feather River Hospital as it burns down during the Camp Fire in Paradise, California, on November 8, 2018. Also on the visit was FEMA director Brock Long. "We want to thank you all for coming and being here, and showing, because I think people have to see this, really, to understand it", said the President.

Trump has been criticised for his rhetoric around the fires, including an angry tweet during the early days of the destruction that lay blame for the fire at the feet of local authorities.

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"I think we're all on the same path". Jerry Brown, Gov. -elect Gavin Newsom, and emergency workers.

The far north of California, a bloc of 13 counties that voted for Trump two years ago, makes up more than a fifth of the state's land mass but only 3 percent of its population. "Remedy now, or no more Fed payments!"

And in an interview taped Friday to be aired on Fox News Sunday, Trump claimed that "you wouldn't have the fire" if the work of raking certain dry vegetation had been done ahead of time.

Brown has previously also suggested climate change has increased wildfire risk.

"We do have to do (forest) management, maintenance".

Trump said Friday that the visit to Northern California on Saturday would include more discussions on issues of forest management.

Maggie Missere-Crowder said if Trump came to the Walmart, she would shake his hand, but she otherwise needed to focus on getting her tent and plastic storage boxes with food and other items into her pickup truck. "You're not going to have a parade".

Firefighters were torn. Many said the president's trip was the mark of a good leader but felt the insults were uncalled for.

Brian Rice, president of the California Professional Firefighters, said Trump's statement attacking California management and threatening to pull funding was "ill-informed, ill-timed and demeaning", adding that almost 60% of California's forests are under federal management.

Authorities attribute the high death toll from the blaze - dubbed "Camp Fire" - partly to the speed with which flames raced through the town with little warning, driven by howling winds and fuelled by drought-desiccated scrub and trees.

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